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About Cannabis Health Service

by Will Gibbs

It is set up to support patients who want cannabis for medicinal purposes. Cannabis Health Service Conditions like tumours, M / S and convulsions. The immune system is regenerated by oral cannabis oil. Knowledge that people without cannabis have a has been found
Deficiency in cannabinoids. Using very small quantities of cannabis can improve people’s immune systems, which in the first place avoid the onset of diseases such as cancer so that all can be included in our diets.

In medical research on cannabis, rapid progress has been made. There are cannabinoid receptors in the human body and we have an EndoCannabinoid system. T.H.C and C.B.D are two hundred-year – old compounds in the plant. C.B.D has been discovered to mitigate diseases and changes and has no high effects of T.H.C.

The classification of cannabis as a drug of programme 1 is a continuation of an unequal and unreasonable scheme.

Annex 1 means that medical use is not known.

Patients have legally treated for over 20 years in America, Canada , Israel, Australia Holland, and recreational usage in many states of America, parts of Europe (for example in Holland, Portugal , Spain, etc) is also permitted.

The record of the British authorities on cannabis in general along with drug cannabis indicates a trend of bad faith in the handling of medicinal products and unclean hands

Patients use cannabis and