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Medical Marijuana – Then And Now

by Louis Phillpson

Cannabis is currently going through a public image improvement phase. Though many people still look down upon marijuana, the acceptance of marijuana in society has undeniably grown over the last few years. No matter which side you are in, on the whole marijuana legalisation issue, the benefits of marijuana are proven facts and not made up theory. The use of hemp and marijuana plants to make clothes,fuel,food and beverages is common throughout history but marijuana has spectacular medicinal values which normally goes unnoticed. Many describe hemp as the perfect plant for the uses it has and the fact that it can grow under adverse conditions. It is a shame to see parents having to fight in courts to treat their epileptic kid with marijuana and cancer patients having to sneak illegal marijuana to ease them of the pain.

Historical Usage of Medical Marijuana


Long back in China, cannabis crushed into a powder and wine mixed together used to serve as the anaesthetic before a surgery. This dates back to 140 AD.


Marijuana, even today is used in several regions of the world to alleviate pain. But the very first to use it such were the Indians. They used cannabis as a painkiller to everything ranging from headaches to serious muscle pain and even pregnancy contraction pain.


Cannabis in Greece was used to treat patients suffering from parasites such as tapeworm, ringworm etc. Specially cannabis seeds are used to treat worms.


In the Arab countries, marijuana has been used as anti epileptic medicine since ages. The Islamic world believed cannabis to be a proper treatment to epilepsy.


Greeks used cannabis for a lot of purposes and one of them was treating internal as well as external inflammation. Cannabis seeds steeped wine applied to the regions, offered relief to the ancient Greeks.

Hair Loss


Hemp oil is very good for preventing hair loss and the world learnt it from the Chinese. The Chinese people used the whole marijuana tree to extract medicines with every part providing some kind of medicine.


The use for marijuana did not end with a couple for the Greeks either, they used cannabis as suppositories in their treatment of hemorrhoids.


The Chinese folks who were dependent on marijuana for other medical purposes as well used it to treat a range of poisonings such as vermillion to scorpion stings.

Current State

Today medical marijuana means unprocessed parts or extracts of the marijuana plant which can be used to treat diseases and disorders. The United States Food and Drug Administration has yet not registered the marijuana plant as medicine. Though it is quite known that few of the FDA approved medication system prescribes cannabinoid chemical in forms of pill.

Owing to the benefits that marijuana provides and especially its medicinal values, there is a growing debate about the legalisation of marijuana or at least medical marijuana. A number of states in the United States of America have already legalised the medicinal usage of marijuana with more and more states following the trend.

Now let us take a look at the main medical values of marijuana in use today

Present Day Usage of Medical Marijuana

Nausea Relief

Marijuana has shown a great potential in providing relief to patients suffering from cancer during their chemo sessions or even AIDS patients during nausea attacks. In fact in the late eighties the FDA approved drug for this symptom which contained THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). Inhaled marijuana though better than injecting the compound, still the latter is preferred for this process.

Nerve Pain

Medical marijuana is currently also used to relieve the burning sensation one feels in their palms and soles due to nerve disorder. Patients suffering from diabetes, AIDS, etc experience such attacks frequently.

Multiple Sclerosis

Patients suffering from this condition often experience debilitating muscle strains and spasms. Sativex which is an oral spray already contains THC and the non psychoactive compound cannabidiol. Marijuana relieves pain in case of such muscle spasms.

Crohn’s Disease

There is a growing debate among medical practitioners on whether to use cannabis to treat bowel inflammation and it seems in all probability that it is going to get approved. In a test that was conducted in London, it was seen that about seventy five percent of the patients showed improvements under the regular use of marijuana compared to a mere four percent under the placebo effect but the disease later relapsed in people who were taken off marijuana.

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